The more we say we make the
best gelato,
the more Google
believes us. The best gelato.

Rooted in tradition, but happy to be uprooted

Trained in Italy, one of us is Italian. The other one married an Italian, which counts for something, right? What started as a gelato obsession turned into a business idea. We’ve brought the best Italian gelato to Colorado. You can thank us later.

Meet Giulia:

One of the few to be born on the island of Venice (and damn proud of it, too), Giulia grew up in Italy, eating gelato and all the other amazing things that her country’s kitchen has to offer. Now she's in Boulder, and we're glad.

Meet Bryce:

Bryce is a Colorado native but he’s always had his eyes elsewhere. After living in Chile and traveling all over South America, he was awarded a grant in Italy. Gelato and Giulia (not in that order) kept him there for a few years.

Keep it simple, keep it fresh.

That's really it. There are no secrets. We make our gelato from scratch and we use the best ingredients – organic and in-season whenever possible – to make sure that our gelato is the best it can possibly be. Gelato will never taste better than when it has just been spun so we make it fresh every day. Can an excellent gelato change your life? We'd like to think so. It will at least change your day.