Have your cake and eat it too. Or,
la botte piena e la moglie ubriaca.
The barrel full and the wife drunk.

Torte gelato

Gelato cakes

Completely customized gelato cakes, made just the way you like it. Two layers of gelato, you pick the flavors. One layer of spongecake soaked with something delicious (rum, marsala, coffee, vanilla, Cointreau). All surrounded by a semifreddo mousse. Impress your guests or eat one by yourself, we won't judge.

Gluten-free and other substitutions are available. Just leave us a comment in the Special Instructions or get in touch directly.

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1) Semifreddo / Mousse

Delicious semifreddo adds a softer consistency to the outside of the cake. Choose between vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, and hazlenut.

2) Gelato

Choose any available flavor of gelato or sorbet. This one looks like Fragola / Strawberry. Good idea.

3) Spongecake

A layer of sponge cake soaked in the flavor of your choice creates a delicious layer. Choose from rum, vanilla, coffee, or even Cointreau.

4) Gelato

What's better than one flavor of gelato? Two. Choose your second flavor. This looks like Nero Fondente / Dark Chocolate. Yum.

5) Crust

A cake needs a crust and a crust needs graham crackers.