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Torte gelato

Torte gelato

Gelato cakes

Completely customized gelato cakes. It's your world: you pick the flavor for each layer. If there's a flavor that you'd prefer but don't see it listed below, please get in touch with us directly to complete your order.

$41.95 / 9" round (serves 12-15)

Gelati & Sorbetti


Chocolate hazelnut

Dammi un bacio. Chocolate and hazelnuts making out. There's nothing wrong with that.



In Italy, it's considered poor form to have a cappuccino after 11am. From then on, it's only espresso. Lucky for you, coffee gelato is fair game any time of day. Ours is made with 100% Pellini espresso.



Chocolate. Mmmmmm chocolate. It can change your mood. It's supposedly an aphrodisiac. Our chocolate gelato is made from 100% single origin chocolate sourced from Guayaquil, Equador. You'll be pillow talking in spanish in no time.

Fior di latte

Flower of milk

It's our namesake so we take it seriously. What is fior di latte? Translated literally it's "flower of milk", but we like to call it "the best that milk has to offer". In Italy, fior di latte is the test flavor that let's you know if the gelateria is a good one. You can taste the quality of the ingredients with no frills.



Another classic sorbet, strawberry is a must. Drizzle with some high-quality balsamic if that's your fancy.

Limone e basilico

Lemon & basil

Lemon and basil sorbet. Sounds kind of weird, but it's one of the most refreshing and unique flavors around.



Hazelnuts from Piedmont are not like hazelnuts from anywhere else in the world. Now you don't need to go there to taste them. You're welcome. By the way, keep this one away from Giulia.



Have you every tasted a gelato made with 100% pure pistachio? You sure? There's a reason why they call it "l'oro verde" in Italy, (green gold). This is some seriously good $#!%.


Fior di latte & dark chocolate flakes

Smooth fior di latte gelato with crunchy dark chocolate shavings. Chew with your mouth closed.



We tried vanilla from all over the world before deciding on 100% pure vanilla beans from Madagascar. It was not a hard decision. Combined with our crema egg base, it's even more delicious.

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